Bavaria Downs Wedding

Bavaria Downs provided the most stunning backdrop for Selvi + Nate’s summer wedding. This adorable couple first met in their college Chinese class, and love speaking to one another in Mandarin, English, and Tamil. They are proud pet parents to Lipsi, a dachshund-terrier mix who they describe as the light of their lives. Selvi + Nate love going on walks, sharing a nice bottle of wine, and trying new foods together. Nate studies film theory at UW-Madison so they spend a lot of time watching unique movies, but Selvi loves to make him watch Step Up and Love Island (UK) whenever she can. 

At the end of their wedding day, Selvi + Nate included one my favorite wedding hacks: a late night snack! I had a late night snack at my own wedding this past June, and there’s nothing better than food showing up after folks have been drinking and dancing their hearts out. Selvi + Nate opted for pizza from D’amico + Son’s, and Andrew and I had Raising Caine’s, but there’s lots of options for a late night bite. I’m a big believer in the concept of food as a form of love, and I think a treat to end the night is the perfect way to finish off a long day!!

Selvi + Nate’s Bavaria Downs Wedding started with coverage of getting ready, before they snuck away for their first look. We then captured a variety of couples photos, before inviting the rest of the wedding party into the mix. Next came family photos, as the guests arrived to the venue. For the ceremony, Selvi + Nate had a bible reading in both Tamil and English before exchanging their rings + vows. Next, their family and friends sung a song in Tamil, and Nate presented a gold necklace called a Thali to Selvi. After the ceremony, wedding guests headed to the outdoor cocktail hour as I snuck some extended family photos with the couple. Selvi + Nate had an outfit change before dinner, and entered in a grand march. Next followed the welcome, prayer, and first dance before dinner. The night ended with speeches, dessert, and of course, the open dance floor!! It was a truly magical day in a beautiful venue, and you can re-live it all with me through the blog below!

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