Meet Jess! (an Associate Photographer Q+A)

Jess first joined the Celisia Stanton Photography team in August of 2020 as a second photographer, and has since expanded her role to include taking on associate weddings of her own!! On a wedding day, Jess is extremely helpful and approaches each day with an “all hands on deck” attitude. One of the main reasons I wanted Jess to join our associate team was because of how incredible she makes everyone around her feel (clients, other team members, and vendors alike!) during fast-paced and sometimes stressful wedding days. Something that makes Jess unique is her passion for sustainability, and she has the absolute BEST tips and tricks to bring sustainable practices to both your celebrations and your life as a whole. Jess is also the queen of family and couples sessions, and is SO GOOD at posing folks of all ages!!

Check out Jess’ Q+A below, and when you’re done you can see her full associate portfolio here.

How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been photographing as a hobby for over 10 years, and professionally for almost 3 years!

Tell us about your journey in photography so far! How many weddings have you shot? What have you learned along the way?

I became enamored with photography after my own wedding in 2009. I loved looking through my wedding photos year after year, and once Pinterest was a thing, I started looking at others’ wedding photos! From there, I did some formal sessions for seniors and even my bestie’s small wedding. After my and my husband’s 10 year wedding anniversary party in the spring of 2019, I decided I wanted to start taking photography more seriously to bring the joy I felt with our photos to others! All told, I’ve been a professional since 2019, but photographing much longer than that! Now, I’ve shot about 15 weddings on my own and many more as an assistant or second photographer. Besides developing my skills as a photographer, I’ve learned that a photographer is so much more than someone who takes photos – we are here to build up your confidence, capture your relationships in their raw form, and give you memories to enjoy for a lifetime! 

What’s your favorite part of being an associate for Celisia Stanton Photography?

I love the clients that are drawn to work with Celisia – she is so kind and caring, but beyond that she is organized, knowledgeable, and always keeps her client’s experience in the front of her mind. That translates to excellent communication with us associates so we can focus on continuing the experience for you! 

What’s your favorite part of a wedding day to capture?

Number one has to be the first look. It is such a privilege to be able to witness and capture this moment for couples! But a close second is getting to listen to and capture candids during speeches! That’s when we really get to know you from the perspective of your closest friends and family!

What’s your go-to wedding day advice for soon to be married couples?

Schedule in time to pause and truly enjoy the day you have created together. Wedding days go by soooo quickly, and while we are there to capture your day, you should be able to enjoy it while it’s happening! 

What would you say to a couple who is nervous about having their picture taken?

We’ve got you!! In all seriousness, we are here to capture your relationship, which means that you are going to be interacting with each other and your crew rather than looking right into the camera, most of the time. If you do have any insecurities or a favorite side (mine is my left), just let us know and we will work with you to make sure you love your photos! 

Are you a cat person, dog person, or neither? Why?

Oh gosh – I’m a convert. I grew up with an excellent golden retriever and, don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but my tabby, Teddy is my BABY. He is so sweet and cuddly, and talks to me when I ask him questions! I guess I can officially say I lean more cat! 😀




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