5 Ways to Add Adventure to Your Engagement Session!

5 Ways to Add Adventure to Your Engagement Session! | Minneapolis Engagement Session

When you hire a photographer for your engagement session, you aren’t just paying for quality photos, you’re also paying for a memorable and enjoyable experience. Engagement sessions are a great time to express both who you are as individuals and who you are as a couple. While your photographer should be more than willing to give you suggestions on location, dress, and posing, bringing your own ideas and personality to the shoot will help make the experience and resulting photos the best possible. To get your creative wheels turning, here are five ways to bring your own personality to the shoot and have a really fun time to boot.

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1. Bring Something Yummy!

Food it is a central part of our culture and relationships! The meals you share with your loved ones—whether it be a first date or your engagement dinner—are often deeply connected to the memories you will cherish together for the rest of your lives.

During your engagement shoot, you can infuse both your taste (pun intended) and personality into your photos by bringing food to use as both a prop and a mid-shoot snack. Try packing a picnic to stage some adorable “The Notebook” inspired shots. Bring spaghetti and share it “Lady and the Tramp” style.  If you were engaged or had your first date at a particular restaurant, incorporating this food can be simple and meaningful addition to your images. Bring a pie to smash in each other’s faces for some goofy images at the end of your shoot. Your parents might have told you to not play with your food, but in your engagement session, playing with your food can open the door to some delicious images.

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2. Customize your Outfits

You’ll want to make sure to wear something on your engagement shoot that shows off who you are as a person and a couple! Think about what you want to be able to do on your shoot, and consider wearing something you can get a little dirty and/or wet to get some gorgeous shots wading into a lake, running on the beach, or sitting in a trees. If you plan on wearing a dress or skirt, put your little kid thinking cap on and consider the “spin-ability” of your outfit. When it comes to customizing your wardrobe on your engagement shoot, the options are endless, so try collecting images you like and make a collage of outfit inspiration.  While it is still good to follow your photographer’s style guide to ensure you and your outfit looks great on camera, don’t be afraid to add your own personal style.

(Wanna see more of Lindsey & Brian’s adorable California beach shoot?! I don’t blame ya! Click here!)

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3. Do What You Love to Do

When thinking about how to have an adventure during your engagement session, it can be helpful to think about the adventures you and your partner already do in your daily life. After all, canoeing in a local lake and even cooking a nice dinner at home can be as much of an adventure as skydiving or rock climbing. If you live somewhere with snow, snowshoeing, skiing, and even friendly snowball fights can be good starting points for fun moments that translate into beautiful images. Or if you live near water, consider renting a canoe or kayak for the day for some images akin to “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid. If you choose an activity you already love doing together, this will shine through and help to give you images that are personal to you and your daily adventurous spirit.

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4. Be intentional with location

You don’t need to scale to the top of a mountain or take a trip to the ocean to find a location that is magical and adventurous. Think about what is unique about the area of the country in which you live, and ways you can maximize adventure without breaking the bank. Consider planning a day trip to a local nature area, or wade into a lake or river near your house. Think about where the sun will be when you take your photos and use this to your advantage. If you are having a hard time finding a location that feels just right, ask you photographer for suggestions, as they will have experience knowing how background and lighting work together to compliment you and your partner in your photos.

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5. Bring Your Furry Friend

Marriage is about creating a forever family and family is bigger than just the couple that is married. If you have pets that are as important to you and your partner, bring them with for a few family photos. Consider splitting your session in segments, so you have time for just you and your partner, and time for some photos with your dog/cat/gecko/etc. 🙂

And there you have it! 5 simple ways to add adventure to both your session and the resultant images. If you’re worried about how to incorporate any of the above list items into your session, feel free to reach out to your photographer and ask for their advice. After all, you’re hiring your photographer to help you have the best experience possible, not simply to mindlessly snap a few pics. If you stay true to your story as a couple and your personalities, you are guaranteed to have an adventurous and rewarding engagement session!





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